Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phone Card Sweepstakes Pot of Gold Systems with REMOTE now available

YES we now have the remote credit add and remote clear features available along with a Phone Card vending Kiosk systems. Complete turnkey setup with installation, training and delivery included in the price. We will do it all and get you up and running quickly. Completely turnkey. Check it out
System includes one Phone Card Vending Kiosk, One remote credit add and credit clear box, 1-4 Pot of Gold touchscreen sweepstakes machines, all cables /wiring, the first 10,000 five minute pins, delivery, installation and training. COMPLETELY TURNKEY !

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Discussing the RUMORS about North Carolina Pot of Gold Sweepstakes Laws

Right now there is allot of false information and rumors about the current requirements for Pot of Gold Sweepstakes machines in North Carolina such as the ones shown here Sweepstakes machines . Lets try to clear up some of the confusion. First let me say that this is my opinion that I formed by researching the current injunction issued by Wake County Superior court. I am NOT A LAWYER . This is not a LEGAL opinion but is to the best of my knowledge the actual facts according to the current injunction.

The rumor that the machines cannot have bill acceptors, the money must be accepted at a counter and the credits put on the machines remotely. NOT TRUE . No place in the injunction is this listed as a requirement. It is said that this was the way the machines were in the TEST CASE but the injunction only has 4 requirements listed and this is NOT one of them. The requirements are:

  1. No more than 4 machines per outlet
  2. Sweepstakes rules must be prominently posted in each outlet
  3. Free play applications must be available and prominently displayed in each outlet
  4. Each machine must require the purchase of a phone card for free play on the sweepstakes games

These are the ONLY 4 requirements listed in the order on June 26, 2009, Wake County.

I welcome any opinions or comments you may have. I do not believe that remote credits are a requirement and it is fine to have bill acceptors in the machines. Customers do not like the remote credit requirement and will not use the machines as much if that is the way they are set up.