Friday, August 24, 2012

New Cherry Master 8 Liner Anti-Cheat Zap Preventer Announced by

We are pleased to announce the availability of this new device that will prevent Zapping of almost any device in the coin-op world including 8 liners, and cherry masters, bill acceptors, ATM's , vending machines and arcade machines.
  • Stops EMP zapping of bill acceptors
  • Easily installed on most major bill acceptor brands
  • Links to multiple Anti-Zappers to secure all your machines
Zapping game machines with electromagnetic pulse (EMP) devices to induce credits is one of the most common methods of cheating in the amusement industry and there are few effective solutions to prevent it from happening - until now.
Our Anti-Zapper Device puts a stop to zapping in your game room. Able to be installed on nearly any game machine, the  Anti-Zapper Device sounds an alarm, shuts off your LCD, and restarts the bill acceptor when players attempt to zap credits.

  • Sounds an Alarm with Flashing Lights, Shuts Off LCD, and Restarts Bill Acceptors when players attempt to zap credits.
  • Stops Cheaters in the act!
  • Works on nearly any gaming application — Cherry Master, Pot-O-Gold, WMS and countless other gaming applications.
  • Sensitivity Dial for customized electromagnetic sensitivity settings.
  • Links with multiple Anti-Zapper Devices - when one alarm triggers, all linked devices will trigger.
  • Quick, easy installation.
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