Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quarter Pushers are Making a big Comeback

Quarter Coin Pusher games are making a big comeback after several years of near obscurity. There are several factors contributing to this turnaround.

  1. Many states have cracked down on games of chance and operators are looking for new sources of revenue

  2. Quarter coin pushers are skill based machines because you can stop the tray and you control the position of the coin drop

  3. Many states are not opposed to skill based coin pushers

  4. The entry price is relatively low and profit margins are very good.

  5. They have low maintenance and operating costs

  6. The machines have gained popularity with adults as well as younger customers

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

North Carolina moves closer to ban on Video Sweepstakes Games

North Carolina lawmakers are poised to try again to kill the state's burgeoning video sweepstakes gambling industry. The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote today on a bill to ban the gambling games, which are played in lounges and other locations throughout the state. The ban previously passed the state Senate by a vote of 47-1. Gambling industry lobbyist Brad Crone expects the ban to pass despite the industry's request that it be allowed to stay in business and be taxed and regulated. The ban would take effect Dec. 1.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Robbers attack Florida internet gambling center

Leesburg, Florida police were quick to respond to a mid-morning call from an Internet gaming centre after it was robbed by a gang this week. Two men and a woman were arrested and a male accomplice is currently being sought. The Sun Sentinel newspaper reported that Anwar Dixon and Maurice Green are being held on charges of armed robbery, and that Neva Mitchell, the female driver of the getaway car, was also in custody. The three men, who had their faces covered, left M&R Sweepstakes on Old U.S. Highway 441 after the robbery in a silver car driven by the woman. The amount stolen has not been released. Moments later, the car was spotted by Leesburg Police, and stopped. The three men ran away but two were soon captured and a third is still on the loose, authorities said. The woman was arrested at the scene. Read Story

Machine 'malfunction' sours player's win

PALM COAST -- Adam Hattani thought he was indeed lucky when a video game machine at Lucky Day Sweepstakes showed he had won $41,000.
But then the Palm Coast resident was told it was a malfunction, simply a crazed machine spitting out zeros.
Instead, Hattani was given $1,000 cash. But he said he should have received more, if not the entire $41,000.
"I told them it's not malfunction when you take people's money," Hattani said in an interview. "It's not malfunction if your machine is broken and keeps taking people's money. Oh, that's good for you. But when it comes out for people, to pay people the money, you don't want to pay me." Read Story

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Super Derby Horse Racing System now available

Now Available from Mitchell Enterprises. The new and exciting Super Derby Horse Racing game. This exciting game is available in both a one player and two player version. You can see all the details at Super Derby . This is a very popular game and is a big money maker. Check it out soon and be the first in your area to have this game.