Saturday, January 12, 2013

North Carolina Sweepstakes Owners Might Have a Way to Stay Open

     Yes there may be a way to stay open. North Carolina Internet Sweepstakes and Pot of Gold 8 Liner Parlor owners might have discovered a loophole in the law that allows them to stay open. It was first reported in the  Hickory Record that the "look Ahead" or "Reveal" feature on some games might make them Legal to operate in North Carolina. The Skill Eldorado 8 liner game board (sold by actually allows the player to reveal the results BEFORE he places his bet. This gimmick makes the games non-gambling games since the player knows the outcome before he places his wager. Any Cherry Master or 8 Liner game can be retro-fitted with the new Skill Eldorado board. Bruce Mitchell, owner of is quoted as saying he expects a big demand in North Carolina for the new Skill Eldorado boards.
    The Attorney General has not commented on the new games yet and the legal status has not yet been tested. This might be a way to stay open and stay legal. What happens next remains to be seen. Stay tuned.